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Just East of Silver Creek, first ridge South by West outside of Mudville sits the Prince from the Land of Broken holding all the Keys.  Time after time the door with the majic signs had eluded him. When the frogs of Silver Creek sang their songs the Prince would listen as he drifted off to sleep.  In his dreams he saw glimpses of the things to come.  In the morning, after a very vivid dream he walked to the door at the back of his cabin with the majic signs and found that the door was standing wide open.  As he passed through the doorway chills went up his spine and lights began to flash. As his eyes began to focus, he was standing in a very large room, with thousands of memories flashing on the walls. In the middle of the room was a large round claw foot table was a large leather-bound book with the same majic signs from the door. When he opened the book, the room started to vibrate and filled with colors that exploded into scenes from the years of things he had forgotten. When he blinked his eyes,time stood still and he relived 60 years. The things he had questioned for so many years were all answered and the prince came away from the whole experience with riches beyond ever putting a price on. What we make and what we take is all meaningless without heart.